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Ms. Rochester does an excellent job conveying the characters, dialogue and realistic scenarios of the Civil War. There is a sense of sadness as medical practices of the time are too antiquated to save some of the sweet secondary characters. There’s also a sense of completion as the author finds a way to explain how the travel through time helps complete life in both eras. The story is so well told it was hard to see it end.  (Five Hearts – The Romance Studio)

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…Come Back, My Love is a story of hardships and triumphs in a time of war. Olivia struggles to live in another time so different from her own. Prentice and Olivia get the chance to be together and plan on a future together, but will time become their enemy?

Ms. Rochester’s tale has all the elements of a great time -travel. The way she describes the scenery makes me feel as though I live there. I felt all the emotions while reading this book, frightened, happy, sad, and jealous. I could not quit reading until I finished this incredible book. I was riveted feeling glued to my chair. The characters feel so real, as though I know them. This is one time-travel I will definitely keep! Time travel lovers will rejoice in Ms. Rochester’s Come Back, My Love.  I know I did! Jenifer - Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance – 5 Cups  (

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…Sylvia Rochester writes a tantalizing triangular love story in COME BACK, MY LOVE.  Prentice’s strong attraction for Olivia spun through him every moment they were together.  Olivia’s knowledge of history allowed her to adapt to every situation, but it also gave her reasons to worry over Prentice.  Her fright became a living beast.  I anguished over her present day boyfriend, Joseph Underwood, because he suffered panic over her disappearance.  I highly recommend COME BACK, MY LOVE to everyone I know.  Sylvia Rochester’s gripping time travel is full of witty dialogue and entertained me from beginning to end. Reviewed by Kathleen R.  ( 4.5 out of 5 rating 

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…Talented author Sylvia Rochester writes with a knowledge of the background in which her characters meet on both planes. You'll enjoy sharing the experience with Olivia as she meets people from our country's past. What will her future hold? Will she return to her present day love?
  Realistic backgrounds set the tone for this story as good and villainy play out their roles. I'm pleased to recommend this tale as a story that will please any history or paranormal romantic. Enjoy. I sure did.
Review by Anne K. Edwards02/19/08  (

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Part Somewhere in Time, part Quantum Leap, this charming story combines the best features of both contemporary romance and historical, making it an excellent way for someone to try a new genre, if that's among their resolutions for the year. In any case, I particularly liked that there was a clear reason given for Olivia trek backwards and how even the ugliest situations were able to be portrayed in such a way as to not be graphic, but convey what was going on still. ***  Reviewed by Amanda Killgore (

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…While this may sound like the classic time travel romance, it really is one step beyond. While lovely heroine Olivia Montgomery struggles to adapt to the time, present day occurrences (the investigation into her 'murder') make us realize she desperately needs to return to her own time. She must save an innocent man; her friend and museum curator Joseph Underwood.

At the same time, readers will empathize with her attachment to Confederate doctor and principled man Prentice Angell. The tug between the two times is not all however; Olivia's beauty attracts the attention of a less-than-worthy soldier, and the threat to her is nearly palpable. Her life, as part of the past, is threatened. The interplay between the main characters - as well as some supporting ones (like Joseph) is warm, heartfelt and enthralling. Rochester has a gift for light dialogue and subtle humor. She also gives us feel-like-you were there descriptions of battle, and life in yesteryear. From the reenactment to the battlefield, home life to river boat, the scenes are incredibly well described and in many cases, memorable.

This romance is a paranormal because it steps out of the bounds of time, but any reader of historicals, and especially those interested in the Civil War years, will thoroughly enjoy this tale. Reviewed by Snapdragon  (

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