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  Touch of Tuscany  Touch of Tuscany  
  Shelia's Refuge  Shelia's Refuge  
  Full Sails Full Sails    
  Conquest Conquest   
  Racing the Storm  Racing the Storm   
  Fatal Voyage  Fatal Voyage   
  Searching for Pirates  Searching for Pirates   
  lighthouse summers end  Summer's End   
  Forgotten  Forgotten  
  BucketwithCattails  Bucket with Cattails  
  Blue Vase  Blue Vase  
  On The Bayou On The Bayou  
  Egret - Oil 24x30 Egret 
  Peace-Oil 18x24 on board  Peace
  © Merlot Anyone?
Latest Paintings © Chardonnay Anyone?
  Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress
  © Vase with Flowers
  © Flowers with Arch


© Safe Harbor
  © Oak at Sunset
Within each landscape is a story, one told only by the painter's brush.  

Venture through the stories.

Feel the chill of an early morning mist. 

Warm to the glow of a summer's day.

Listen as the painting speaks to you in silence.

Its voice is hidden in the shadows ---

...where black water mirrors silvered trunks of cypress trees -

...where flowing moss drapes gnarled limbs and whispers to the wind.

As you wander through the gallery, why not take home a dream?

It's a dream that will never fade.

© Grandpa's Pier
© Urns- Hurricane Survivors
© Winter on the Bayou
© Almost Ready
© Bucket with Flowers
© Cattails
© Nobody Home
© Courtyard with Balcony
© Somewhere off Royal
© Night Glow
© Aphrodite Waits
© Broken Memories
© Entrez
© View From Rue de Kajun
© A Place to Dream
© The Landing.
The Guardian.
© The Fallen Friend.

Cabin in the Swamp

© Tranquil Bayou

Final Voyage


Penny's Place


Cabin on the Point


A Secret Place


Shallow Slough


Morning Mist


Sentinels of the Bayou


Dying Cypress


Entering the Bay


Arrival of Autumn



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