A native of Baton Rouge and long-time resident of Bayou Corne, I moved to Hammond in May, 2012 to be closer to her two sons and seven grandsons. While I miss the beauty of the bayous, Hammond offers new subjects to explore. I recently joined the Creative Minds Writers, Hammond Art Guild, and the Hammond Regional Art Center.

Juggling my time between writing and painting is difficult, but without both, Iíd feel like half a person. I just hope I donít develop a third interest. When Iím not at the easel or the computer, Iím with my family--two sons, two lovely daughters-in-law, and seven grandsons. What joy! I can be a kid all over again. Oh, I also share my home with two cats: Lucky and R. J., mixed felines who graciously let me sleep on one side of the bed.

My life has been anything but boring, but Iíll keep it brief. In high school, I lettered in several sports and served as a Girl Scout counselor during the summers. My senior year at L.S.U., I moved to Huntsville, Alabama and worked for NASA at the Redstone Arsenal during the design and building of the Saturn C-5 moon rocket. When Kennedy was assassinated, I answered his call to ďask what you can do for your countryĒ and spent two years with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.

Upon returning home I plunged into art, studying under many recognized artists. I also joined several patriotic organizations and wrote and self-published Rochester Descendants in America, Vols. I & II. I hold a B. S. from L.S.U. and bleed purple and gold. Iíve a few more things Iíd like to share with you, but theyíll have to keep till next time. Till then, enjoy visiting my website and come back soon.


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