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Another touching story from Sylvia Rochester--this time a paranormal set in 1870 in the Cascades. When the boy in a set of twins is born terribly disfigured and near death the frantic father makes a drastic decision which will forever affect his family. As the boy Matthew grows up in the isolated wilderness world of a trapper and his wife, watched over by the protective she-wolf who rescued him from death as an infant, his sister Rachel grows up with their parents in nearby Lizard Creek. Yet there is the invisible bond of twins between them, sometimes glimpsed as an eerie shadow that weaves through both their lives. Even as the two siblings are drawn together, there are those who want the dark secrets of the past hidden and the twins permanently separated. Only the shadow of their souls can overcome the evil that threatens them and reunite a haunted family.


You wonít be able to put this book down!


Elaine Grant ~ ~ ~
Make-Believe Mom RITA FINALIST Harlequin Superromance Sept 2007
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Few writers dare to make their heroes less than perfect but Sylvia Rochester reveals a new dimension to her writing skills when she breaks the rules in Shadow of the Soul. Sylvia offers the reader a poignant story of a young manís trials in dealing with a severe disfigurement.  Reared by a mountain man, befriended by a she-wolf, and guided by phantom spirit, Matthew Calderís search for acceptance tweaks the heart strings when he discovers a twin sibling, a motherís love, and a fatherís deception.


A truly wonderful story--one well deserving of five stars.


Eleanor Cocreham Ė

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