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This page turner keeps you on the edge of your seat worrying about Lindsey and wondering what's going to happen next.

Rochester is a masterful writer of suspense and When Evil Loves is proof of that. I'm already looking forward to her next book. Elaine Grant


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Sylvia Rochester is a very descriptive writer who uses all the senses to put her reader into the action of her books. In her first romantic suspense tale, The Sweet Smell of Death, she evoked the swamps of Louisiana in such realistic detail that the reader could be excused for hearing the whine of a mosquito in her ears and reaching up to wipe sweat from the cloying humidity off her brow.

The author is back now with another story set in the state she knows so well. In this latest suspenseful tale, a woman, who returns to her family's palatial antebellum home after her mother's death, also has to confront her husband's killer. Three men from her past impact her life again. She's falling in love with one of them, but all three are suspects in the long unsolved murder. Rochester once again puts the reader right in the center of the action and keeps you guessing till the end in this exciting tale. (Kristen C. Harding)

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With the release of thriller WHEN EVIL LOVES, Sylvia Rochester proves what a wonderful Southern writer she is. Fast paced and descriptive, the story takes the reader on journey around the Baton Rouge area and the costal marshes of Louisiana.

Lindsey Vidrene, an
Atlanta based photographer, returns home to bury her mother and decides to stay at Hawthorne, the antebellum estate she inherits located just north of the city in the town of St. Dumaine.

Determined to find the person who caused the disappearance of her husband three years before, Lindsey becomes involved with three men who claim to be in love with her. Sam, the photographer, Benjamin, a business acquaintance, and David, landscape architect and childhood friend . One is a killer. And truly evil. A great read!
Eleanor Cocreham


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If you think for a moment, you're going to curl up by the fire with a cup of tea, lay back and enjoy a sweet romance, think again. However, I guarantee, you won't put this book down until you finish. Once again, Sylvia Rochester has us sitting on the edge of our seats with another excellent mystery. Her heroine, beautiful Lindsey Vidrine finds herself alone and vulnerable after her husband's disappearance and her mother's death.

Lindsey leaves the life she has made for herself as a photographer for an
Atlanta magazine and returns to her legacy, the Randolph fortune and her palatial home in Louisiana. At Hawthorne, relationships develop--Benjamin and Samuel have followed her there--David has known her since childhood. One has murdered and will kill again to have her, is he the one Lindsey has fallen in love with?

Ms. Rochester has done it again. BRAVO!! FIVE STARS for WHEN EVIL LOVES.

Jacqueline E. McGuyer -


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